Application of NOBILDENT Denture Base Polymers in complete denture-Make denture base

Denture Base Polymers

Through particular multidirectional rotation compounding process, Denture Base Polymers are made up by powder material of imported high-quality polymethyl methacrylate resin, with cadmium-free inorganic red pigment and bionic stria vascularis added. This product is clinically suitable for prosthodontics as denture base of patients with hypodontia.

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• Full denture base

• Partial denture base


• Lifelike and natural: Addition of bionic veined pigment achieves a natural and lifelike outlook.
• Unbreakable: No fracture appears when testing sample be free to fall to the ground for 3 times at 2m height.

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• Shrink Resistant: Good stability after curing ensures the accuracy of duplicates.
• Excellent physical property: NOBILDENT denture base polymers material has excellent performance in physical properties like flexural strength and flexural modulus.

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• No bubbles: High qualified rate of finished products with no obvious bubbles.


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Classification: 3 types

• Fast heat curing: the material can be fast cured in boiling water for only 20min.
• Traditional heat curing
• Self curing

Technical data

Type Mixing Ratio MixingTime DoughTime WorkingTime CuringTime
Fast HeatCuring 1ml Liquid: 2.4g Powder 1-2min 14-20min 8-10min 20min
Traditional Heat Curing 1ml Liquid: 2.34g Powder 1-2min 15-20min 8-10min 90min
Self Curing 1ml Liquid:2.2g Powder 0.5min 12-14min 5-6min 30min


• 0(clear), 3ST, 2ST, 2S, V, I

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• Store the product in the ventilated area and avoid fire, high temperature and direct sunlight.
• Shelf life: powder: 3 years, liquid: 2 years


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