VinciSmile Case Types

  • Show underbite malocclusion
  • Show openbite malocclusion
  • Show deep overbite malocclusion
  • Show crowded teeth malocclusion
  • Show spaced teeth malocclusion
  • Show protrusion malocclusion
Show underbite malocclusion with a jaw

What is Underbite?

Underbite refers to the mandibular teeth protruding and exceeding the upper anterior teeth.

How it affects?

This phenomenon is generally caused by maxillary maldevelopment, mandibular over development, or both of them. Besides, it may also be caused by the loss of maxillary teeth. Underbite can affect the normal function of incisors or molars, resulting in tooth wear and jaw joint pain.

Show openbite malocclusion with a jaw

What is Openbite?

Anterior open-bite is the abnormal development of the upper and lower dental arch and jaw in the vertical direction. There is no occlusal contact when the upper and lower teeth are in the centric occlusion and the mandibular functional movement. To put it simply, the upper and lower teeth are difficult to reach ideal occlusion in the vertical direction.

How it affects?

As a kind of dental malocclusion, anterior open-bite cannot only greatly affects aesthetics, but also affects the function of stomatognathic system.

Show deep overbite malocclusion with a jaw

What is Deep Overbite?

Overbite refers to the serious coverage of lower teeth when the upper teeth are occlusal.

How it affects?

It is usually caused by genetic genes, poor oral habits, or over development of bones that support teeth, which can lead to gum problems or ulcers, wear and abrasion of lower teeth, as well as pain in the TMJ.

Show crowded teeth malocclusion with a jaw

What are Crowded Teeth?

Slight correction may be needed in the event that the teeth cannot be contained due to insufficient dental arch space.

How it affects?

Without treatment, dentition crowding can lead to dental calculus build-up, tooth decay and an increased risk of gum disease.

Show spaced teeth malocclusion with a jaw

What are Spaced Teeth?

Spaced teeth are caused by large dental space in the arch resulted from microdontia, abnormal growth of jaws, genetic genes, missing teeth, and/or bad tongue thrusting habits.

How it affects?

Missing teeth could create extra space, resulting in loosening of surrounding teeth. Furthermore, due to no protection from teeth, there will be spaces between teeth leading to gingivitis, periodontal pocket and the increased risk of periodontal disease.

Show protrusion malocclusion with a jaw

What is Protrusion?

The general expression is that the teeth protrude beyond the normal range, and the teeth can be easily exposed when the teeth are occlusal.

How it affects?

Dental Protrusion has a great influence on daily life, not only the chewing function, but also the aesthetics. Further, the long-term protrusion shall reduce the moisturizing and salivation function of lips, and the gum shall expose to the dry air leading to inflammation and gum polyp, further, the gum will be damaged.

Grasp of the indications is one of the key factors that decide whether the VinciSmile orthodontic treatment can be completed successfully.

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