• 1.Is it true that your aligner is invisible?

    VinciSmile aligner is made of transparent biomedical polymer materials. It is virtually invisible,
    and people may not even notice that you are wearing it.

  • 2.How long does it take to correct my teeth?

    Actually, there is not that much difference between fixed appliance and clear aligner in treating
    time. It depends on your personal condition, and you should ask your clinician for specific time. In
    some severe cases, the treating time may be 1~2 years, excluding the time when you are wearing the

  • 3.Is it hurt when wearing your aligners?

    You will feel moderate pains in the first 2~3 days after you put on a new set of aligner, which is
    totally normal, and it indicates that the aligners exert orthodontic force on your teeth. The pain
    will gradually disappear in the following days.

  • 4.Does my pronunciation get influenced wearing your aligners?

    Probably yes, but only 1~3 days at the beginning. You pronunciation will gradually back to normal as
    you get adapt to the aligners in your mouth.

  • 5.Is there something that I should particularly care about?

    You can remove your aligners on some special occasions, but you have to make sure you are wearing
    your aligners no less than 22 hours a day. We recommend not drinking beverages with your aligners in
    to avoid caries and stains. No cold or hot water also to prevent deformation.

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